Baby showers are launched to “shower” the expectant mother. Adding a baby to the family requires adding a lot of new inventory to the medicine cabinet and food pantry. It also means filling drawers and changing tables with the many supplies that will be used for the care of the newborn.

The new baby will likely receive all kinds of baby bottles and tiny whole dresses with cute pictures on them. There will be bottles upon bottles of lotions and soaps to keep the scented newcomer fresh and sweet. Then there will be socks in soft pastel colors to make those baby feet beautiful and warm.

Stop for a moment, if you want, and think about mom. While I’m sure Mom will be 100% grateful for all the shower gifts mentioned above, these gifts are technically for the baby and not for the mom. It’s time to think outside the baby shower box and remember mom.

Mom’s bath time will now be reduced by 80% (note: not a scientifically proven number) with the new addition, so how about helping her enjoy what little time she has by giving her a bath set of her own. She’d like to have some bath salts and bath oils. When she gets out of the tub, she would love to be able to enjoy her fresh body lotion that was in her favorite scent of hers. Oh, that more comfortable feeling she could have felt being wrapped in a new fluffy bath towel after her relaxing bath.

Adult-only time will be a precious commodity that will have a 97.8% reduction after the arrival of the new baby (note: once again a number not scientifically proven). You could be the one who helps the new mom enjoy this moment more by giving her a new set of wine glasses or cocktail glasses.

Help in the kitchen would also make a wonderful gift for the new mom. Most likely the time that mom will have to spend in the kitchen will not be reduced. In fact, the chances are good that Mom will have to spend and even more time in the kitchen. Why aren’t you helping her here? There are many great baby shower gifts that could make cooking time a breeze. A well-made cutlery set could save mom time and energy. There are a plethora of small kitchen appliances that can make mom’s life easier. Coffee machines, food processors, blenders, kitchen utensils sets. The ideas are almost limitless

I have given you some unscientific numbers just to prove another fact that could very well be scientifically supported. 1000% is the increase in the fun the new mom will get from the baby’s day gifts that they can enjoy in her new, limited time for mom. I don’t want you to forget to take things for the baby, but I want you to remember mom too.

Be sure to think outside the baby shower gift box!

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