Baby rattles & mobiles toy is a good companion for baby. The baby will have discomfort and visual fun when playing with the handcrank, and at the same time developing the hearing of the baby, we recommend supervised timely play. It can be hung in a stroller, crib or stroller, and can also be used as baby plush toys. The hanging object is designed to be hung on baby’s stroller. This baby rattles & mobiles are made of high-quality material, which is ecofriendly, safe and nontoxic. Suitable for baby’s head, baby antifalling and wear. The small hand and the mobile toy can be hung in a crib, stroller, etc. The mobile style rack is a good choice for your baby to sit, play and climb. Baby mobile is a wonderful birthday gift that combines play and interact with the baby. Music box, just turn the switch, and it will light up and make a sound, which can attract your baby’s attention.


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