The reality of life … What is truth What is false

Have you ever wondered, “What the hell is going on?” Well, I have decided to share the truth against delusion with you. We currently live in the matrix … hence: the illusion. It is an illusion because first of all the earth is not your home. Every single thing you have learned in life are total lies. Society Rules, Religion, Schools, Teachings, Diet, Exercise, Dating, Romance, Relationships, Death, God, and the list goes on. Are you wondering why? How is this an illusion?

The first land is not your home! We are not humans but spirits, energy and light that come from a beautiful place of beauty and love. We are spirits trying to be human. Earth is the only planet that has human bodies and is a place to learn from your past incarnations; To grow, evolve and increase your frequency. Everything here is frequency. We have come here again for ascension and to learn unconditional love. No one has been taught the true meaning of love. Love is not looking outside of oneself to find one’s person. We don’t need someone to complete us because we are already complete.

What happened was because of free will some evil reptilians took over the earth and spread lies to everyone just for power, money and control. There are universal laws governing this planet, but no one has told you about them. The plan was to keep you in fear, control your every move, poison your water, food supplies, and create poisonous drugs. They created all your diseases, including this virus, AIDS and even cancer. They never allow anyone to heal because their plan is to kill as many people as possible. They stole all the elections, they run big businesses; Hollywood, the NFL, the media, politicians and all countries. They made the legal system work for their crimes. This is why the legal system is a real joke. The rules are for them, not you. Now they are forcing people to get vaccinated for a virus they created and their vaccines were made to kill you. These vaccines are not real. They are gene therapy and all of you are their guinea pigs. This world is full of propaganda. The world is currently divided between those who know the truth and those who do not know it. They make you think that you will be free if you get vaccinated knowing that over 2 billion people will die from it.

Nobody dies. We are souls in a temporary body. When you were born in the physical, you experienced a death in the spiritual. When you leave your physical body, you are reborn in the spiritual. We are eternal; never die. There is no heaven or hell. There is no judgment day. God is not a person who judges you or who condemns you. God is the energy of the source of the creator who created all of us. Therefore we are our own Gods who create our circumstances with our thoughts. We are very powerful and very gifted, yet we have been crushed by our powers, we have forgotten who we were and have become slaves to the system.

Most don’t even realize that all these fear-based programs keep you enslaved to this world.

You can free yourself from all of this by knowing the truth, seeing through these lies and most of all by following your heart. Whenever you read something, listen to anything and see anything, ask yourself if this is the truth. We are tested to connect to our heart for our truths. What works for me may not work for you. What you read or see on the news is totally untrue in most cases. Hollywood creates the scenes with the media. Remember, the media are not the reality and they do not share any truth. This is the main reason why so many are lost and confused. Take a moment and think about how individuals we are all when it comes to diet, drugs, schools, etc. we are all treated the same!

The reality is that the earth is changing and will never be the same again. This is good news. There are plans in the works for major changes. There is so much to do behind the scenes that it will be revealed very soon. Everything comes in divine times. There are those awakened, versus those who sleep. Many of us have volunteered to come here just to raise the vibration, spread the truth, and help this planet ascend to a higher vibration. What’s in our future is amazing. In the past we have lived and “died” only to return with the same soul in another body. This is why you recognize people you’ve never met and feel like you’ve known them for years because you’ve lived another life together. Choose your family before you come all for karmic purposes. This is why families do not get along. Every soul on this planet and off this planet is your true family. Aliens are also our family. We are all connected as one; not separated as you have been led to believe. We grow old, we get sick and we die. This was a false narrative. We age and get sick only because of our poisons that we ingest. When we leave the earth we become our true selves. Our true self is just unconditional love for everyone. The plan is that we are increasing the frequency of the earth which will move it to a higher place. We will be able, for the first time, to be in human form as our true self and live more than 1,000 years in the same body and never get old or sick. Heaven is coming to earth at a high frequency. This article is a perfect example of why you need to feel it in your heart for the truth, because many of you will not believe or accept it because it goes against all teachings. Think about the stress everyone is under. Do you really believe this is God’s plan? Ask your heart how it feels If it sounds true, then I suggest that you work on unconditional love for yourself and practice life in the present moment. Also turn off news and search for truth news. Look for universal laws and find for yourself that the rules are totally opposite to what you believe in. Do it for yourself. Do it for your sanity.

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