Wooden toys offer some advantages that may not be obvious at first glance. It is true that a wooden toy cannot make noise. It cannot move by itself. It doesn’t have a remote control. It does not use batteries. It can’t do all the wonderful things that electronic toys do.

However, rather than being a disadvantage, these things are actually useful. Not that there is no place for those types of toys, but rather that the wooden toy is a valuable addition to any child’s toy collection.

* Duration

Wooden toys are generally strong. They don’t break easily. Thanks to their strength they can withstand much more weight and pressure than other toys. This lends them to be played in more ways than most adults would think of when deciding which toy to give to their child.

* Imagination

Wooden toys allow the imagination a huge reach. Because the toy bears no resemblance to the television shows children have seen, their imaginations have a chance to run wild. The number of different ways to play with the toy is limited only to how well the child can use his or her imagination. The more a child exercises his imagination, the stronger he becomes.

There are many benefits for a child to have a strong imagination. It is a vehicle that allows you to have fun at any time and in any place. Most people would agree that it is very useful, not just in childhood but throughout life. Children also use their imaginations to explore their world, feelings and problems. It allows them to integrate their feelings, dreams and actions. In short, it is a valuable vehicle for them to become well-adapted members of society.

* Educational

The actual toy determines which educational factors can be developed. All wooden toys will have some educational or developmental benefit.

For example, wooden puzzles can help develop hand-eye coordination and problem solving. Of course, puzzles made from other materials offer the same advantages. Wooden puzzles, being stronger and more durable, could perhaps offer them longer.

Bead sequence sets or other sorting games can offer hand-eye coordination and reasoning skills.

Anything that stimulates the discovery and learning process will enhance the educational and developmental process of children. Wooden toys of all kinds can fall into this category.

The versatile wooden toys lend themselves to children by creating new games with them every time they play with them. For this reason, children will continue to return often to play with these toys. This makes wooden toys a great choice to add to any child’s life.

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