Superstitions have always been an integral part of a country’s culture. If a horseshoe pendant promises good luck to an Englishman in India, you would be mocked for sneezing when someone is about to start a job, as it is believed to bring bad luck. Russian culture also has its own beliefs and superstitions. Here are some of the common Russian superstitions.

Don’t be surprised if a Russian mother spits over her baby’s shoulder or touches wood! Russians are wary of the evil eye and therefore when someone compliments a child, the mother spits on the child’s left shoulder to protect him from the evil eye. Infants are kept away from the site by everyone except the father and midwife. This is to protect the child from the evil eye.

If you were to take a taxi in Russia, be sure not to “hand” the money to the driver’s hand. Each taxi driver has a tray where the money is to be stored. Money, according to them, transmits the donor’s energy; both positive and negative. This wave of energy stops when the money is withdrawn from the tray. Rather than risk it, people would prefer you not to put money directly into their hands!

If you were to give your Russian friend a pet as a gift, be sure to accept the token coin that is given to you. This is a symbolic gesture and not an insult to you.

If two people have to walk together, they make sure to avoid walking on either side of a tree. Doing so will certainly raise an argument between them. And if you accidentally step on someone’s foot, the other person steps on you lightly, to avoid an argument.

If you are dating a Russian woman, be sure not to give her the watch as a gift; this is a symbolic representation that your relationship is coming to an end!

Russian children have always been reprimanded for whistling in the house; this invites poverty, they believe. And if you are right the itch of the palm is waiting for you, because the money is coming to you.

And if you have itchy right eye, there is something cheerful waiting for you, but if you have itchy left eye, you will be crying.

If you plan on getting your hair or nails cut, be sure to do it on a full moon to make sure they grow back healthy.

There is no end to superstition in Russian culture, and almost all of them are associated with evil spirits and bad luck. Although today not everyone believes in it and follows them, there are some, especially the elderly, who believe in it.

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