Those of us engaged in the hobby of reborn have put a lot of time, money and effort into buying the right reborn supplies to scrupulously reborn our dolls. We need to use a lot of tools and chemicals (paints, glues, etc.) and in the case of reborning, what you don’t know CAN hurt you, or more specifically, your doll!

Here is my list of five ways to ruin yourself reborn baby doll, in the hope that it will save you from these “oh no!” moments, which many unfortunate reborners in the past (and sadly present) have faced:

Oh no! # 1
Try gluing the lashes to your doll’s head with clear polish.
First of all, it’s not really a great adhesive. Secondly, if you make a mess (let’s face it, it happens) to remove your lashes again you will have to follow step number two on my list:

Oh no! #2
Use a nail polish remover on your doll.
Normal nail polish remover contains acetone remover which can be harmful to plastics and vinyl. Of course you know that our dolls are made of plastic and vinyl. In particular, you want to avoid this chemical around the doll’s eyes because they can be easily degraded by coming into contact with acetone. Now it’s even clearer why you shouldn’t use nail polish to set lashes?

So you can’t use good old clear polish to stick those lashes. What else could a good adhesive be? Hm … well if you want to ruin your doll you could try this:

Oh no! # 3
Use super glue on your doll.
Are you ready for the frightening truth? The super glue will melt most of the doll’s eyes. It’s not something you want to happen. But maybe you’re thinking you can use it elsewhere on your doll? Do not do it! Unless you want to ruin your doll, of course. Super glue can damage plastics and acrylics.

Maybe you are thinking … I know! Hot glue!
Sorry honey, it can’t be done! (can you say I was an English major?)

Oh no! # 4
Use hot glue on your doll.
Again, you are looking at degraded, broken down, damaged plastic and vinyl.

Does your husband or teenage son like to build model cars? Why not use that glue? After all, it’s plastic glue. No! The plastic of hot rods and fighter jets is tough. The vinyl and plastic of the baby doll are soft. So, if you want to spoil your doll:

Oh no! # 5
Use pattern glue on yours reborn baby doll.
See Oh no! # 4 for the reason.


So what kind of stickers should you use in making your own reborn baby doll?

The preferred choice of glue in the reborn supplies Expert reborners’ toolbox is Aleene’s gooey glue. This can be found in many craft stores. You can also use the E6000 Special Craft Glue which I would recommend if you are making a doll in hopes of selling it as this is a superior quality glue with a very strong bond.

So here it is 5 ways you can ruin yours reborn baby doll!

Of course I hope you use this information so you don’t get the same “oh no!” moments others have had when working on a reborn project. My hope is that you will NOT spoil any dolls and instead create adorable, lifelike dolls that will bring smiles to the faces of those who keep them for many years to come, without any of these “oh no”!

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