So are you thinking of buying one of these amazing dolls?

Purchase a reborn the doll is based more on emotion than on sense: the heart rules the head. The props and sets used in the photos are all designed to take you in this direction. The talcum powder, soft toys, lace and furs are all meant to make the doll so compelling (sleeps well or draws you with open eyes) so compelling that you would want to pick her up and never put her down.

When you see a reborn doll you love you will feel you really need to have it. Its image advertising at its best. Just like ‘coca cola’ is synonymous with youth and fun, effective reborn children’s photos evoke the same feelings as Johnson’s best baby powder commercials: the promise of unconditional love and warm cuddles.

Some people said they were so upset when they missed a reborn baby on eBay that they put their heart on, they cried for days.

But I only warn you, if the baby arrives and it is not what you expected, this is also very disappointing and your wallet will be lighter. So it is wise to use your head a little before buying.

THE reborn they are all over the place and there are plenty of them on eBay (quite a mixed bag – some are actually pretty scary). There are a lot of doll forums and one in particular has a section called “Are you selling it?” celebrating some of the poor reborn doll work that is on the market.

Should price be the best indicator? What about guild membership and rewards? How can you know? So what are you looking for and what separates a good doll from a poor one?


Price is not the best indicator: high prices do not guarantee quality and there are some excellent ones at reasonable prices. Big prices (of more than thousands of dollars) are commanded by a handful of reborn artists.


Be careful with guilds and signups – most don’t require proof of talent or customer service to be licensed for use. Watch out for the prizes – sometimes they’re the only ones competing.

Inspection of the product

I think nothing can beat seeing a doll before buying it, but this is not often an option as it truly is an electronic and international (borderless) industry.

If you can’t see the real thing, photos are for the best. But beware of the photos – there are all kinds of electronic filters and artificial lighting that can make them look better than they are. You should be happy when your reborn arrives and I think the photos didn’t do it justice. Ask an artist about the enhancements and lighting used in his photos.

So look at the artist’s reputation (and remember that talent as an artist, honesty, and customer service can be mutually exclusive). Satisfaction guarantees, damage repair policies must be understood and are indicators of good customer service. EBay’s feedback is indicative of honesty and customer service. Talent depends on you as a judge.

My strong suggestion would be to look on the internet or join a forum or two and find an artist there. Beware of the lists of reborn on-site nurseries – are no guarantee of quality or honesty. Most artists will showcase their work and have it in their signatures on the forums.

Here are some tips on what to look for when looking at dolls in person or photos:

1. Judge how much the doll actually looks like a child. A good reborn should be mistaken for a baby.

My daughter took it reborns shopping with us and obviously she (6 years old) gets tired of carrying them, so I end up having to carry them. I am caught in a difficult position. I feed this baby like it’s real and people will think I’m a fool breastfeeding dolls Or do I just carry her around like she’s my daughter’s doll that I now have to carry around?

Good for good reborn you have no choice but the first option. I once had to put up with the stares of many people in a large shopping mall staring at me like I was a negligent parent. I have found that it is not publicly acceptable to blow up a child (and therefore a reborn doll) at the bottom of a shopping cart. Also, it is not acceptable to casually hold a baby between the elbow and hand with hanging limbs even if your hand supports the head well. Also, people are generally quite critical of you (and throwing mean looks at you) if they think the baby should be wrapped a little warmer.

2. Take a look at the details: hands and feet (take a look at the nail details), ears (how real they are – sometimes they can be limited by the details of the sculpture – the more expensive sculptures have more details), eyebrows ( they should look real) and the creases and creases shouldn’t look like cuts.

3. Artists work hard to achieve realistic skin tones and this should make the baby look slightly mottled (look for this – it’s a sign of quality).

4. The rooting of mohair. Hair should be shiny, soft and rooted so that it isn’t “tangled” at all. The rooting should be directional, i.e. angled differently to sit well on the whole head. Some artists do an amazing job with their directional grounding with crown / crowns, parts etc. Look for this: it is a sign of quality.

Personal preference

Some people like their dolls to look very real with milky spots, rashes, and scratches. If you don’t like these don’t buy a reborn baby with them. The personal taste of him. I personally don’t like these. I know they are realistic, but when my real babies got rashes I couldn’t wait for them to go away. So I am of the opinion that I would not want them on a doll permanently.

Some people like sculptures with funny, wrinkled faces. Well, I say well for them, to each one of him. I love beautiful babies (although I see the beauty in the slightly funny faces that babies make) and I try to achieve this mixed with realism in my choices of sculpture and painting.

Good luck finding a doll you love.

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