You want to enjoy a new hobby, you’ve seen these lightning-fast remote-controlled runners whiz across the rubble or dunes of your beach and you want one of these for yourself or your kids. However, how do you decide which RC car is right for you?

There are 7 questions you should actually answer to narrow your search.

1. Who is it for?

The simplest comes first, of course. Is it a toy for your baby or a sophisticated piece of technology for you. The differences between them are in terms of durability, power / speed, size, remote control range, complexity and of course price. As a clear differentiation, the toy versions are generally powered by regular household AA batteries and are available in a scale of 1:32 to 1:16, while the adult version is available in a size up to 1: 5 powered by a power source. stronger energy.

2. What is the power source?

There are three options to choose from between a gasoline remote control car, a Nitro remote control car or an electric remote control car.
These three power sources create differences in cost, accessibility of power, maintenance and power output.

Running your petrol remote control car on a blend of regular unleaded petrol and 2 stroke oil will create a significantly greater amount of power. You can buy fuel at the gas station next to you and thus keep the fuel cost low. Added to this are their low fuel consumption and low maintenance requirements. Gasoline RC cars are generally larger than their nitro and electric counterparts and are often 1: 5 scale. On downsizing you often have your biggest upfront cost for this type of car.

The Nitro RC Car is powered by nitromethane, an expensive fuel available only in specialty stores. Fuel often leaves a residue on your RC pilot’s chassis and is therefore highly maintenance-intensive. Also you will see a higher fuel consumption than the petrol car. So why buy these Nitro remote control cars? Because the stuff is powerful. These are usually the fastest runners on the block, their size is normally between 1:16 and 1: 8, rarely larger. This makes running a lot of fun. Plus, they’re usually cheaper than their gasoline counterparts.

Finally, the electrically operated remote control car works with a powerful rechargeable Li-Po battery pack. These cars are normally the next step from children’s toy to adult hobby. They are usually cheaper than the fuel-powered version but normally not as powerful and aggressive. Despite having strong acceleration from the start, in the long run they usually have trouble competing with the other two engines. Thanks to their clean energy source, they require minimal maintenance and can be operated indoors. They are usually the smaller version and but they can also come in the large versions of the petrol and nitro engines, but with much less power.

3. Ready for the race or the kit?

You just want to run or is it part of your excitement from the thrill of building your own car. Most RC cars come as “Ready to Race” versions where you don’t have to do much more than get them out of the box.

However, there are many models where you can actually put the car together on your own and thus affect the look and performance of this car. You can go from simple assembly like your everyday model kit to buying individual parts of your car separately to improve its power and performance during operation.

4. Where do you want to operate your remote controlled car?

The next question, respectively the next set of questions is: what do you want to do with your remote control car? It’s a racer, it’s indoor or outdoor (indoor of course only the electric version), you want to be on the road or off-road. Do you want to drive it or is it more a collector’s item you want to show off? Are you looking for a fantasy model or a real live replica?

5. What type / model of car should it be?

If you’ve passed the questions above, you already have a pretty clear idea of ​​what you want. However, the choice of models is very large and the first 4 questions somewhat limit your choice on this point and vice versa. However, once you are at this point, you want to select from Buggies, Truggies, Trucks / monster trucks, Crawlers and your real life replicas of Ferrari, Ford, Mini, etc.

6. What price are you willing to pay for a good remote control car?

We have established what machine it had to be, we come to a very critical question, a question that we could ask even at the beginning of our research. How much is the fun worth, what is our budget for a nice and good remote control car? This factor has already been discussed to some extent in the other points and we know that a toy car for children is certainly much cheaper than the adult version. The larger the model the more it usually costs and among the motors the electric one is usually the cheapest. Speed ​​can also determine the price. So, in the end, we will have to see what is the best combination we can get for the budget we have allocated to this hobby of ours. Always bearing in mind that there are follow-up costs to consider for spare parts, fuel, maintenance, etc. The price for our toy versions with 5m reaching a speed of 5km / h will be maybe $ 10, the high-end Control Car gasoline remote control could cost us $ 3.4 or $ 500 or even more. As with everything, there is often no upper limit for what you can buy.

7. Where do you want to buy your RC pilot?

Last but not least, where I want to buy, today you have the option to go to your “Have it all Toy-shop”, your specialized RC car dealer or on the Internet. As with all products, these options vary in terms of service, product knowledge, price, selection of available products, and after-sales service.
Certainly one can give advice. Don’t buy a used RC car if you are a beginner.

Now, do you have a clearer picture of your new toy?

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