After spending 9 months in the womb, it is common for newborns to seek a womb-like refuge to sleep in. They crave that warm, loving environment where they feel safe and well supported. Now you can truly give your kids this experience by wrapping them in a soft, cottony blanket. This process is simply referred to as bandaging. Swaddling, which is an ancient practice, has been shown to be beneficial for newborns. Here because.

# 1 He sleeps well.

Children are advised to get enough sleep, ie 8 hours. But of course the longer the better. Sleeping more than 8 hours each day ensures your baby’s maximum physical and mental development. Studies have shown that swaddled babies experience long, deep sleep. They have no unnecessary waking moments due to the gasp reflex. As you know, babies are very sensitive to noise and are not used to having a large space to move around, so you see them scared for seemingly no reason. Swaddling prevents or minimizes the gasp reflex in babies.

# 2 He behaves calmly.

Because swaddling gives them that feeling of warmth, security, and protection, babies are less likely to feel anxious and therefore are calmer or behave well. They feel that peace and comfort that the bandage gives. They rarely cry, so parents, nannies or babysitters are less stressed when taking care of them. They will grow up as peace-loving people and will be able to handle complicated situations better.

# 3 Less demanding.

Children can actually be choosy if you indulge their wishes. For example, giving them comfort items like pillows and stuffed toys so they stop crying. This, in turn, makes them demanding people who grow up. While they are still babies, instill satisfaction in them through swaddling. With swaddling clothes, your kids won’t be looking for those comfort items, so they’ll grow up content and independent.

# 4 Avoid self-harm.

Babies like to touch everything around them. They like to exercise their different senses like touching, holding and even chewing, so it’s very important that they stay in a safe and secure corner of the house. Now, if you just put them in a crib, stroller, or crib, obviously their two hands are free to do whatever they want, including scratching their face and eyes or beating their noses and mouths, which can do. crying loudly or feeling irritable. Wrapping can help you avoid all these unpleasant movements.

# 5 Great posture.

Your baby’s sleeping position can actually affect their posture. If they sleep on their side, they can develop hunchbacks as they grow. This position can restrict breathing which can be very dangerous. To avoid these scenarios, try swaddling. This practice can help your babies lie on their backs while they sleep so they can breathe properly and grow with good posture. You can also put your hands on the heart while they are bandaged so they can learn to calm down on their own.

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