Being pregnant is truly exhilarating, especially as the due date approaches. You must be very anxious right now. You feel you can’t wait for the baby to arrive, yet you feel this nervousness about what your labor will be like.

There are actually a few things you should be ready for too. What you can do to make sure the delivery is as stress-free as possible. Don’t forget to ask your partner / spouse to stick with you in this, and especially when the delivery arrives.

Here are the things:

1. Be prepared

Get the easy stuff out of the way! Pack your night bag with sleepwear, a dressing gown, a household outfit, toiletries, including your favorite maxi pad and a baby outfit. Also keep a nappy bag ready with spare nappies and all the powder, baby oil, and wipes you might need between the hospital and home.

2. Prepare your bag for the night

And, whatever you do, leave the travel bag where both you and your spouse can find it. When you start feeling the pains of labor, you don’t want to be stuck searching the house high and low for your travel bag. You just want to go and being prepared can take so much stress out of an already hectic day. Also, don’t forget to take the important phone numbers of family and friends you want to call, as well as your insurance information, in your suitcase.

3. Prepare your car with a regulated car seat

Being prepared also extends to the car; it is advisable to have the vehicle already equipped with a regulatory car seat. That way things will go a lot easier when it’s time to take the baby home; you can’t leave the hospital without putting your baby in a car seat (no matter how hard you want to hold it!). So, let dad get the car seat ready and practice carrying a doll in and out.

4. Know where you are going

Speaking of the car, know where you are going. It might seem obvious, but when you consider the traffic jams and accidents that may close familiar roads, it makes more sense. It really helps to rehearse with alternative routes to the hospital before the big day.

Be prepared for bad weather, traffic accidents and closed roads. That way, if one road is closed, Dad won’t panic Mom by taking another less familiar path. Trust us, when a woman is in labor, it’s not the time to reserve her unnecessary surprises.

In this regard, make sure that your car is also tuned, filled with gasoline and fully equipped with a spare tire and any tools for repairing an apartment. And never leave the house without a cell phone. That way, you can call an ambulance if you have a problem with the car.

5. If possible, pre-register at the hospital

Also, if possible, pre-register at the hospital. This reduces the amount of paperwork you have to complete when labor begins. It also makes it easier for staff to assist you if they already know which doctor to call and which medications you can and which you can’t.

6. Find out who will be with you during labor

Once you get to the hospital, know who will be with you during labor. If you just want your husband in the delivery room, let him know. Don’t even worry about hurting people’s feelings. This day is about what makes you most comfortable.

7. Focus on something other than pain during labor

Eventually, all other worries will seem small as labor pains increase. If you need antibiotics, such as strep, be sure to take them, the same way as any pain reliever. After your water breaks and you’re in labor, relax and practice your breathing techniques. Chew ice to rehydrate as well. realize that labor is a long and difficult process, so don’t be exasperated. If you can focus on something other than your pain during labor, that helps too. For example, if you can focus on a clock or a painting, you can focus better.

8. Hold the baby immediately after delivery

Eventually, your bundle of joy will emerge. When she does, be sure to hold your baby right after giving birth so you know for yourself that everything is fine.

9. Get plenty of rest afterwards

So get plenty of rest afterward and don’t be afraid to ask the nurse to limit your visitors. You’ll be busy and won’t be able to sleep very continuously once you leave the hospital, so make the most of it while you can.

10. Don’t let the comments of others bother you

Finally, don’t let the comments of others bother you. Of course, not everyone will love the adorable name you select for your baby boy, but that’s not your problem. Likewise, if you decide to bottle feed instead of breastfeed, expect some (unsolicited) comments. Just remember it’s your baby, so do what feels right to you. This is the best way to stay a stress-free mom!

Hope you have a safe birth and a healthy baby!

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